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Founded in 2000, RJA Plastics GmbH is a world leader in decorative and functional Glitter products. RJA is Germany’s oldest manufacturer of both precision cut glitter and glitter cutting equipment. Our unique combination of innovation, engineering, and experience come together to create an ever growing and flexible product pallet to meet our customer's every need. A family business, RJA strives to keep a personal relationship with all customers no matter their size or requirements.



Universal Grade Glitter
“Poly”, our metalized Polyester Glitter line, is available in an ever expanding variety of sizes and colors. Ideal for printing, it can be flocked and printed on wallpapers, clothing, and paper products; however, the applications for polyester glitter are limited only by your imagination.
Our Holographic glitter line, “Holo”, is an eye-catching choice when a single color just isn’t enough. In addition to their base color, holographic glitter particles reflect all the colors of the rainbow. Regardless of light or angle, your application will burst with all the colors of the visible spectrum.
Our Iridescent Glitter line, “Iris”, is the perfect solution when your application calls for a softer shine. Iris combines a transparent particle with a subtle multi-color effect, for example: red-green, blue-violet, red-red, and rainbow. Ideal for use in flooring, wall coverings, and holiday greeting cards; iridescent glitter creates a gentle and magical effect that can accentuate almost any application.
Our Aluminum Glitter line, “Alu”, is ideal for high temperature applications, and is most commonly used when our customers’ production process requires high temperature stability of >160°C. New applications are being implemented every day with aluminum glitter commonly being utilized in paving stones, automobile applications, construction materials, and injection molding of numerous plastics.
Cosmetic Grade Glitter

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Cosmet Iris
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Cosmet Holo
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Cosmet Poly
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German-Quality Precision Cutting Equipment

RJA-Plastics is Europe’s only, and the World’s most trusted, manufacturer of glitter cutting equipment. RJA was the first to manufacture and offer glitter cutting machines commercially. Our machines can be found on 5 continents, and our reputation for technical superiority and reliability is one of a kind.

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Customer Specific

We are a true manufacturer. We have a great deal of resources at our disposal and the flexibility required to tackle your specific project needs. We offer the most up to date technological advances in the industry, engineering solutions to customer specific issues. Quite simply, we are the cutting edge. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team with your specific requirements.

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